We’re young and wild and free.

We’re young and wild and free.

I really used to love this guy. We never dated, but after some stuff, I just locked up my heart. I’m scared to fall for anyone. I’m so paranoid that if anyone ever asks me out, which I doubt it, I’m worried maybe they were dared or paid to. Cause that happened to me before. I want to keep my heart safe from another beating, but yet I want to find someone who can find the key and unlock the chains and make me feel love and trust. 

I’ve been abused by my boyfriend for the last 6 months. It started with pulling me close to him and holding me by my waist really tight. Then it got to him holding me close to him all the time & getting in my face. Then came the wrists. He would loose his temper quite easily at anything I did, if I tried to walk away he would pull me back by my wrists and hold them and push me up against the wall. Now to slapping me and forcing to kiss him. If I leave, he says he will kill himself. i’m 15. help

I keep messing up. I can come up with a plan to fix things, I can do everything to fix it but I somehow just screw everything up again. I’m in circles and feel as if i’m going mad. The worse thing is that there are so many people for me to talk to, but I can’t actually talk to a single on of them. I’ve been close to the edge, I’ve tried killing myself. I couldn’t do it, I know I can’t do it. But that almost makes it worse knowing I have to keep doing this every single day without sign of relief. Everything will be okay? When? When?

This is getting hard to bare baby,

I can’t take it anymore, you just don’t understand!

Please don’t hold me back, please let go of my hand..

baby you are so far to reach, you’re to high and i’m am way

below the things you did were in the past but

 baby there catching up to me pretty damn fast!

I can’t seem to let them go. I should have known

I should have known we would never last.

I used to say that people who said they would

last forever usually meant they would be never.

 Now here I stand taking a taste of my own medicine.

I was stupid enough to think that we were different.

Because of my mistakes, we can no longer move forward,

 I will always be looking back on the past.

I will never be able to look back on you or us, because of your past

 Oh how dumb i was too think that you and I could ever make this love last.

There is a dilemma; I fell madly in love with a guy named Joe… I’m supposed to have moved on by now; it’s been six months since he moved away.  Since he was in a boys’ home when he was here, he was transferred to another one.  The thing about these boys’ homes though, you can’t have phones, talked to him once a month for a while when he called, then two months passed till my next call, then another two months and he didn’t call so I called, but he wasn’t there… I still haven’t talked to him.  I have never felt the way I feel about him with anyone else.  A couple weeks ago I met this guy, his name is Devin.  For the first time since Joe I felt the way I did when I was with Joe.  Happy, in love, dazed, and amazed.  Here’s the catch, Devin broke his phone some-how before I met him, so I can’t text him, people now-a-days just don’t do phone calls, he goes to a different school so I see him once a week at a Family Fun Center between, and he gets on Facebook maybe once a week, doing nothing but confirming friend requests and maybe a post, but when he does get on it’s while I’m at school, so I don’t get a chance to talk to him.  He does in fact like me back, which makes everything all that more amazing yet tragic.  His friend Jesse told me that Devin told him that we (Devin and I) are dating, but Devin never said anything to me about it, so we might be dating?  I mean I want to, but believe it or not, even after typing that and meaning every word about how I have never felt like this since Joe, and that I’m in love – I’ve only met Devin twice, and we’ve kissed both times we “hung out” or more so met one day then hung out the next time we saw each other; a week later exactly.  I will repeat, I’ve only met Devin twice, and I can already tell you, I’m in love, but how could I make it work…  I mean people say, “What’s meant to be will always find a way.” But I know I have to do something, make an effort, what can I do to make us work?  He makes me happy, I need to be happy.  What can I do?